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Inbound Investment

We offer a full range of services to inbound investors acquiring assets, starting or running a business or selling products or services in the United States. Whatever the nature of the investment, we can provide advice on structural, tax, regulatory and other issues. We also provide external general counsel services for foreign companies with a branch or subsidiary in the United States that requires ongoing legal assistance on day-to-day matters but does not wish to create an in-house legal department.


Real Property/Construction


For foreign investors acquiring real property for personal use or rental, we can advise on the U.S. and state income and estate tax implications of property ownership, as well as local licensing requirements.  We can also assist with the negotiation of purchase and rental agreements.   Investors participating in syndicated real estate investments or commercial property developments can count upon our extensive experience in all aspects of commercial real estate transactions and construction.


Selling Goods and Services


Clients wishing to begin selling goods or services in the U.S. face numerous logistical and legal challenges. For example, should the client initially rely on independent sales agents or distributors, or should it open its own branch or subsidiary? If it elects to form a subsidiary, which type of entity should it form? What are the consequences of doing business in more than one state? We can assist clients navigate all of these issues and provide practical and cost-effective advice on corporate, tax and commercial questions – advice tailored to the specific needs and circumstances of the client. For foreign clients establishing sales, marketing or manufacturing subsidiaries in the U.S., we can address issues such as inter-company pricing, transfers of technology, trade secret protection and dividend remittances, along with employment agreements and other personnel-related matters. We can advise as to the circumstances in which a company is required to register to do business in another state, and the tax implications of doing business across state lines.


Mergers and Acquisitions


Our attorneys have many years of experience in the mergers & acquisitions arena, and for companies wishing to invest in, acquire or sell, privately held or public companies, we can assist in negotiating and drafting the acquisition agreement, manage and undertake legal diligence, and assist in developing innovative performance-based payment provisions.  We can also advise on the specific and often complex issues that arise in connection with the acquisition of a public company.


Dispute Resolution


Finally, if disputes arise between the company and its business partners, we have attorneys specialized in dispute resolution, including both litigation and commercial arbitration, who can provide practical and cost-effective advice developed through decades of experience.

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